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Launching new For Her Heart's Sake website soon to include the latest info on signs, symptoms and survival tips. Stay tuned!

Learn more and join the fight against women's heart disease today:

Download Special News Edition Life-Saving Info you need to know
Download For Her Heart's Sake Signs, Symptoms & Survival Guide

For Her Heart's Sake

Whether they are a mother, daughter, wife, or sister, women are at greater risk than ever to die from heart disease. In fact, this disease is the leading killer of women in Canada.   

An innovative new project at Victoria General Hospital, For Her Heart’s Sake, will be looking beyond the traditional reproductive focus of women’s health to provide individualized care for women based on unique gender characteristics. In partnership with Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Cardiac Sciences Program, For Her Heart’s Sake will focus on women who are living with the symptoms of chronic heart disease.

The program will be developed as an applied research project and will ensure this group of women receives the highest quality of patient care by providing them with one-on-one support and a personalized plan designed to help them live longer and healthier lives. For Her Heart’s Sake will be modeled after the acclaimed interdisciplinary team approach of the Vic’s Mature Women’s Centre. We will collaborate with other partners in our healthcare system to enhance cardiac rehabilitation for women.

Our Foundation has committed to raise $900,000 over an initial three-year period - but we can't help women in urgent need of specialized care without your support.

Together, we can ensure the women in our lives attain the best possible quality of life.

Women's Heart Health: The Facts

Most often, when someone thinks about heart disease, they may think about a man clutching his chest having a heart attack. But did you know that heart disease is actually the leading killer of women in Canada? Many people are still dangerously unaware of the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Heart and blood vessel disease accounts for more than 40% of all female deaths in Canada
  • More than 11% of women, age 45 to 64, have some type of heart and blood vessel disease
  • In 2008, cardiovascular disease accounted for:
    • 29% of all deaths in Canada (almost 69,500)
    • 28% of all male deaths
    • 29.7% of all female deaths

*Sources: The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, Statistics Canada

Know Your Numbers

Women & Heart Disease: Further Reading

Heart disease isn't just for men, after all

The Globe and Mail

Published November 11, 2014

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